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Posted 3 years ago

What does a Store Manager do at Violi & Co. Supermarkets?

The supermarket store manager is responsible for overseeing all the activities that play out in the store. He/she is expected to provide effective management and ensure the transformation of the supermarket. The manager is expected to be at the centre of top quality service delivery to the customers.

Our company thrives on being able to meet up with customers’ expectations and the store manager is required to make this possible. The role of a supermarket store manager is a very tasking one, with him/her saddled with several responsibilities that will make him/her busy all day long.

The demand of his/her job is constant, but the tasks that need to be performed do change on daily basis and this makes his/her job one of the most dynamic around. Due to the challenging nature of the supermarket store manager’s role, he/she is required to work alternating weekends and to put longer hours on weekdays.

Consequently, he/she must be prepared to spend much more time on the supermarket floor than in the office. The duties and responsibilities the supermarket store manager usually has to handle are determined by the size of the supermarket; it increases with the store’s size. The supermarket store manager is not left to get things done alone; he/she is provided with the required support by top management of the supermarket to ensure complete success.

He/she is expected to carry the top management and other members of staff along and to make reports of daily activities to the assigned authority.

Other duties that make up the work description of a supermarket store manager include dealing with all issues relating to clients, with him/her forwarding difficult issues to top management for assistance. Aside overseeing sales activities in the supermarket, the store manager is equally expected to develop and communicate new ideas on how to move the supermarket forward.

Each of our supermarkets has its individuals goals and regulations; the manager is expected to be fully aware of these and he/she is required to comply with such all through his/her working period in the supermarket.

What is your task list from week to week?

  • Improve profit and attain sales target of the supermarket
  • Deal with all complaints, queries, and other related customer service issues
  • Recruit and interview new staff for the supermarket
  • Organise training, orientation, and supervise all departmental managers
  • Organise holidays
  • Oversee receiving orders and stock control
  • Assign and schedule tasks for specific employees and also follow up on the results they generate
  • Complete all the operational requirements of the store
  • Appraise, monitor, and plan tasks to be given to individual staff members
  • Discipline, counsel, and coach employees to maintain positive result generation
  • Initiate corrective actions, analyse variance, schedule expenditure, and prepare annual budget aside achieving other financial objectives of the organisation
  • Recognise future and present requirements by customers
  • Establish good rapport with existing and potential customers
  • Collaborate with other members of staff that have good understanding about service requirements
  • Maintain inventories and approve contracts to ensure consistent availability of the required services and merchandise
  • Study trends, authorise clearance sales and also determine all required sales promotions
  • Review merchandising by formulating pricing policies
  • Identify profitability ratio on individual items in all areas of the store.
  • Study display plans, sale promotion, and advertising towards marketing merchandise in a profitable manner.

What Requirements, Skills or Experience Do You Need?

  • A minimum of 3 years experience in a Store Management role is needed!
  • Educational qualification: Certificate in Retail Management
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to relate cordially with clients
  • Possess management proficiency
  • Ability to plan and execute strategic sales processes
  • Ability to deliver result copiously
  • Ability to manage other staff members
  • Possess excellent specific market knowledge
  • Possess IT and accounting proficiency – needs to be demonstrated
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to lead a team
  • Ability to multitask.

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